Buy the Macintosh version

xPad Studio for Macintosh is available in a unique version with all features, without limitation, and can be purchased only at the Apple Store.

You can choose also in-App purchase from Free version.

Compatible with all OS X systems, from 10.7.5 onwards.

  Apple OSX

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Buy the Windows version

Versions for Windows must be purchased on the Store of Pesaro System.

You can choose also in-App purchase from Free version.

Compatible with all Windows system, from XP onwards.

  Microsoft Windows

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Differences between Free and Pro

Multi language

It recognizes the major programming languages like: Basic, QBasic, Visual Basic, VbScript, Asp, C, C++, Php, Sql, HTML, XHTML, XML, Java, Javascript, mySQL, SQLite, etc.

Code Recognition

Selecting the desired language will set the formatting of its text. Opening an existing file, when possible, the program will select the automatic language that you can still change later.

Language Colouring

Selecting the desired language, it will be recognized in the text. At the same time the text will be colored.

Code Grouping

After selecting the language the parties code-enabled grouping will be indicated by the "boxtree" (squares with a plus and minus).

Project Folder

The project folder allows us to choose an operating system folder to keep always ready to upload files faster. In fact, after you select the folder you just double-click to switch between files.
If the project folder is important to you can insert it in the favorite projects.

Favorites Projects

The favorite projects allow us to upload project folders by double-clicking the list without having to select the folder from the computer.
You may as well save you the most used projects and easily find them on this list.

Advanced Search

The advanced search allows you to search for text within the document or not considering the uppercase or lowercase letters.
You can choose whether to consider that the search text is a whole word, and you can decide to continue the search from the beginning when you get to the end of the file.
The search is done manually from time to time, or the entire document.
This section also has the substitution feature.


Bookmarks allow you to save points within the document so you can find parts of the text very easily. With a double click on the bookmark you'll find yourself immediately to the saved line.
Each bookmark is displayed with a red box in the number line, and with the pink background in the text.
All bookmarks will be stored on your computer and even closing the program as soon as the document is opened again, find yourself the previously saved bookmarks.